Aviator Principle

After registration and replenishment of the account the user gets a chance to try his forces in the game Aviator https://aviatorgame.co.in/aviator-games/. The player sets the bet amount before the start of the game, starts the virtual flight of the plane. Initially, the plane starts from the mark “factor 1”, and then moves upwards on an increasing trajectory.

The aim of the game Aviator – “catch” the maximum winning ratio, when the player decides to stop he presses “Stop”, thus ending the round. Sometimes the coefficient exceeds 10, which allows you to increase the size of the original bet.

Aviator game at aviatorgame.co.in

The risk is that in aviatorgame.co.in/ Aviator the user does not know when exactly the plane will fall. Therefore, it is important to keep a balance between the desire to snatch a big score and the potential loss of the entire amount bet.

You can play aviator in demo mode. This is a useful option. Users will understand the features of the gameplay, the main principles. The user will not have to risk their own assets. Only then the aviator for money will become worthwhile.

The principle of the game is that after a successful flight, the next one is unlikely to win. It is rational to take away funds at odds of 1.5. This will allow you to quickly increase the bank, and the chances of the plane falling down are low.

Available gambling strategies in Aviator

Aviator, like any game, has a certain strategy that helps to achieve a good result. The most rational are considered to be:

  • Playing on low odds. It is rational to stop the flight at odds of 1.5 or slightly lower. A quote above 2.0 implies that the aircraft is capable of going down at any second.
  • Martingale Strategy. In Aviator, the tactic of the game involves increasing the next bet if the previous flight was unsuccessful. It is rational to increase the size by 2.5 times. So it is desirable to have a large pot, so there would be a chance to make a lot of flights.
  • Constant percentage. It is rational to play aviator for a certain part of the bank. It is desirable that the figure does not exceed 5% of the total available amount. So there will be a chance to do a lot of online flights.

Pay attention!

Remember, none of the presented strategies is a guarantee of one hundred percent success!

Aviator game is exciting and easy. Proven Bookmaker created it specifically for gambling users who want to constantly try something new.